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iFontMaker™ is the first font editor exclusive for iPad™. With iPad touch interface, your 100% original hand typeface can be done in 5 minutes¹. You can email the typography or convert it into a TTF file² available in all applications such as Adobe® CreativeSuite™, Microsoft® Office™ for Mac™ and Windows™, and also in your web site as a web font³!

¹ Tested with 62 alphabet & numeric characters with our beta users.
² TTF conversion is powered by 2ttf.com (free of charge). Needs the internet connection to download or to share the TTF file.
³ Web font is supported by FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7+.


iFontMaker has a superb free-hand editor. It allows you to be able to make your font in 5 minutes.

In phrase composing mode, you can edit glyphs with your original phrase.

You can get your font as true type format via 2ttf.com. When you set your font to public, Anyone can download or share it.

iFontMaker supports unicode. For now, Latin-1, Greek, Cyrillic, Thai, and Japanse are ready. And you can also edit a unsupported glyph.





sample text

Character Cats

by Sabet

ABCD abcd 01234 EFGH efgh

Kanwa iPad Font

by KanwaNagafuji

ABCD abcd 01234 EFGH efgh


by AndreasCogelja





newTouch "New" button to create a new font. You can set a font name, author and metrics on font property window.


glyphsSelect a Glyph to edit, and draw on editor area. You can set a pen width and type by pen property.

Move tool

moveWhen the move tool is selected, you can drag the glyph.


Phrase composing

phraseIn phrase mode, you can input a text to display a phrase composed by your font.

Email / PDF

composePrefer to send your phrase via email? Touch the "email" button and compose a mail.

Generating a Font

buildTo generate your font as true type, just open the font you want to convert and click the "generate ttf via 2ttf.com" button. The password you need to access your font is displayed in font property.
How to install your font(Mac)
How to install your font(iOS7)



Version History

- ver 1.0 release : Jun 25, 2010
- ver 1.1.1 release : Jul 12, 2010
- ver 1.5 release : Jul 27, 2010
- ver 1.5.5 release : Aug 10, 2010
- ver 1.6 release : Sep 2, 2010
- ver 1.6.1 release : Sep 15, 2010
- ver 1.6.2 release : Oct 25, 2011
- ver 1.8.0 release : Feb 21, 2013

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